I love the sound of my feet pounding on the pavement,

the way my warm breath caresses my face in the cold,

this feeling for me will never get old.

I am alive! I think as I look at the sun gleaming on the grass,

alive at last.

My mind wanders from limb to limb as each branch streaks the blue sky.

I am free in these perfect moments, so I let out my most excited sighs.

Every worry, every anxiety, every fear..

shake off with each step and disappear..

The mundane day-to-day tasks do not offer this form of exhilaration.

So each day I wait with anticipation,

Will it rain today? Will it snow, will it be warm enough to go?

Will I get to feel the sunlight embrace my cheeks?

Will I be able to run for a distance, or will I be too weak?

Each run is different and only the perfect moment will tell,

which if any or all of these are true…

I cannot wait to hear my feet pound the pavement again.

I cannot wait to feel my warmth breath caress my face in the cold.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be the perfect storm for my perfect moments.

Gia Marie 2017 ©

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