This could not be more accurate 🙂
Aren’t we all just attention seeking?


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When you’re young (or Donald Trump) you do things for attention; kick, scream and whine. We want all eyes on us and for a child you can understand why. We are born into a world where we have servants who pander to our every need. For about 10 years of your life you are a mini Cesar or a Cleopatra the 7th*. So it is no wonder you expect all the attention to be on you, its 10 years of habit.

So that accurately explains everyone’s childhood in every conceivable case, but what about adults? Well surprisingly in western societies, which value money over virtually everything else, people will do anything for attention. Including living in a jungle with strangers and doing demeaning challenges, to inserting a wine bottle into their vagina on live TV. This is all perfectly acceptable because…

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