Endless battle.

“You only are because of your pretty face”,

I’ve heard from a thousand women,

moving from place to place.

Please, darling, don’t get in a twist,

I have learned over the years that I just have to exist,


to receive the up and down, from each girl in whatever town.

The primary reason for success,

is from hard work, nothing less.

I exercise my brain and put it to the test.

Ending mentally exhausting days,

with physical exercise for balance and play.

My only intention is to remain mentally and physically fit.

Your seething hatred is your own hindrance, positivity is your way to acquit.

Please join me in the empowerment of all women alike.

Why must it always be a competition,

always a fight?

Gia Marie 2017 ©


Alive at last.

I love the sound of my feet pounding on the pavement,

the way my warm breath caresses my face in the cold,

this feeling for me will never get old.

I am alive! I think as I look at the sun gleaming on the grass,

alive at last.

My mind wanders from limb to limb as each branch streaks the blue sky.

I am free in these perfect moments, so I let out my most excited sighs.

Every worry, every anxiety, every fear..

shake off with each step and disappear..

The mundane day-to-day tasks do not offer this form of exhilaration.

So each day I wait with anticipation,

Will it rain today? Will it snow, will it be warm enough to go?

Will I get to feel the sunlight embrace my cheeks?

Will I be able to run for a distance, or will I be too weak?

Each run is different and only the perfect moment will tell,

which if any or all of these are true…

I cannot wait to hear my feet pound the pavement again.

I cannot wait to feel my warmth breath caress my face in the cold.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be the perfect storm for my perfect moments.

Gia Marie 2017 ©