Endless battle.

“You only are because of your pretty face”,

I’ve heard from a thousand women,

moving from place to place.

Please, darling, don’t get in a twist,

I have learned over the years that I just have to exist,


to receive the up and down, from each girl in whatever town.

The primary reason for success,

is from hard work, nothing less.

I exercise my brain and put it to the test.

Ending mentally exhausting days,

with physical exercise for balance and play.

My only intention is to remain mentally and physically fit.

Your seething hatred is your own hindrance, positivity is your way to acquit.

Please join me in the empowerment of all women alike.

Why must it always be a competition,

always a fight?

Gia Marie 2017 ©


United We MUST Stand. Yayy Trump. -_-

Sometime in your twenties, you will just be moseying through life when one day you wake up and the world is a little bit crueler. You look out the window to the gray rainy day before you, to remember that Donald Trump just became president. 6360489276541063011337890522_rainyday-2It is an appropriate day of weather for such a dreary thought. You realize that a man who holds the same beliefs that were left behind in the 1950s. Racist beliefs, misogynistic beliefs, homophobic beliefs are held by the man who is supposed to be one of the greatest rulers in the world. A man that is supposed to be written about in history books that our children will read and grandchildren after them. You realize that as a child, the idealistic notion of the great men who honored the country as our president, may not have been all that true. You realize people whom you thought were supposed to stand for the principles of freedom and world peace, were actually more interested in warfare and crude oil. They have no interest in their fellow man, but rather the next move they can make to line their pockets. This can be said to be about true for both parties. For most all politicians. veterans-day-quotes-from-presidentsYou wake up to realize that things are not as “black and white” as they had always seemed. There was a fine line between “good and evil” and not everyone fit completely on one side or the other. You realize you may not agree with your parents and watch others your age do the same. You watch it deteriorate entire families relationships. You watch it destroy friendships. You wonder how people can still see things so black and white when everything is not that simple. You attempt to educate people on the detriment of working against another, only to be met with more discontent. Why is it so hard for generations to see eye to eye. Why must one insist on there being a right and wrong? Why can people not see the relativity of opinions? txc_president_quotes_adamsEspecially, when political factions can change within 5 years of one another. One may swing hard left at age 30 and hard right at 40, only to swing back to left at 50. It is not worth burning bridges or buildings over for that matter. By swinging against each other we are turning a blind eye to watch bills are being signed today. What new bills are being introduced, what is happening in your local community? Where can you really make a difference today? veterans-day-quotes-by-presidentInstead of battling someone over social media, why not go out and do something nice for someone. Why can we not attempt to win this way? Ok, so Donald Trump is our president. That is pretty mind boggling and about as bleak as it gets for someone who stands on a daily basis for social justice issues. But, whining about it on Facebook is not going to get anywhere. I am in awe instead of all of the beautiful people who marched today, all around our country, all around the world. I am in awe of the peaceful demonstrations that stood for love, peace, and equality. I am saddened by those who chose to retaliate against peaceful protestors with violence and those protestors who also acted out in violence. This is not the way my brother and sisters, united is the only way we will get through this as a Nation. We have stood tall as a Nation during many events during history, let us not consider this to be any different. May God Bless the United States of America. United We Must Stand. 

Gia Marie 2017 ©